Thursday, April 24, 2014

Welcome to My Happy Place!

Hi! My name is Brandy and I am fairly new to scrapbooking.  I have only been creating digital pages for a little over a year. A always thought traditional scrapbooking looked fun but somehow never got into it.  I remember in high school being interested in the yearbook club and creating my own Smash book from the dorky senior class journal they give you.  Flash forward quite a few years later to Christmas 2010 - I received a Cricut and Photoshop Elements – this was my first Christmas as a mom.  I used the Cricut to create mostly cards and LOTS of paper goods for my daughter’s Birthday parties and a few friends and family birthday parties.  I used WORD to create the cupcake topper circles….oye!  My journey then took me to wanting to learn PSE, but I could not figure it out so I enrolled in an adult workshop at our local community college 2011.  My goal was to learn enough basics to create a digital scrapbook pages for our Disney Vacations.  I learned a lot from the class and took a follow up class from the same teacher who happened to teach photography classes.  After my second Photoshop class I decided I wanted to take better photographs of my daughter and not have to work on them so much in Photoshop so I enrolled in a Photography class or two or three ;)  I am happy to say that I have joined the amazing Mousescrappers community and love scrapping so much over there that I recently joined an online class to learn how to design so that I can participate in the Digital Design Challenges and create participation prizes.  I am hoping that I can combine my digital scrapbooking and photography love in this new digital design adventure.  I hope use this blog to show some of my designs as well as showcase some of my favorite designs who actually know what they are doing :0) Thanks for stopping by!  See Ya Real Soon!

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