Thursday, June 19, 2014

Quoted: Walt by Melidy Designs

Melidy Designs has a new set of Journal cards available to day that feature Walt Quotes.  Walter Elias Disney is a massive inspiration in many people's lives. Not solely because of his animation talents or his ability to create the 'Most Magical Place on Earth' but also because his outlook on life is so inspiring. New in the shop this week are two sets of quote cards, featuring some of Walt's most famous quotes in a subway art style. These quote cards would make great additions to Disneyland and Disney World pages as well as being a great feature for your 'everyday' project life style pages:

Quoted: Walt - Vol1 - Melidy Designs Quoted: Walt - Vol2 - Melidy Designs

Buy if you want both sets Melissa has bundled them together so you can save some pennies!

Quoted: Walt - Bundle - Melidy Designs

The classic Disney colors make them them versatile for a wide range of pages, here is what I scrapped using these cards:

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